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Hello, Dear Reader,

You've just arrived at my now page. Have a seat. Grab a cup of coffee or your favorite beverage. Make yourself comfortable while I share with you my current projects, goals, and aspirations.

So what is a now page? It's something I recently stumbled upon and decided I should implement myself. Rather than constantly updating smaller tasks on my main blog, I reasoned it would be better to create this now page and inform my readers this way, thus saving the blog for more relevant content rather than a barrage of updates.

For more information on now pages and why you should create one, visit this website. For now (no pun intended), let's get on with the show.

Last updated on October 17, 2017.

1. Now Available: New Scrivener Course

Just released: After three months of intense work, I've finally completed and released my brand new course entitled Fixing Scrivener Compiling Headaches.

If you've ever experienced frustration when using Scrivener to compile your ebooks and no one else had the answers, you owe it to yourself to give my new course a try.

Find out more information about the course at http://www.ericbeaty.com/scrivener-headaches

Scrivener Headaches

This course is massive! With a total of just over 40 separate videos and 6.5 hours, detailing everything I could think of regarding the complications and complexities of compiling in Scrivener. This is one of the main reasons I hear people giving up on using this software for writing books, yet using Scrivener to compile/export books into both print and ebook formats is one of the number one reasons people purchase it.

I always thought it was such a shame for people to look elsewhere for their book formatting needs when Scrivener is more than capable of sufficiently creating beautiful books with only a few clicks away. Unfortunately, because of the complex-looking compile interface, people tend to shy away without even first giving Scrivener a chance.

That's why I decided to embark on this massive new course specifically geared toward compiling in Scrivener: in hopes that Scrivener's customers would be able to better understand how to cope with the headaches that Scrivener sometimes causes when compiling.

So be sure and check it out. Udemy has sales often, so you may even be able to get this massive at a massive discount!


important note

Just within the last month or so, the creators of Scrivener have announced that the newest version of the software, Scrivener 3, is nearly ready to launch! I'm so stoked about this news!

Even though the work for my new course seems to be for nothing, since the compiling process has been totally revamped in the new version, I'm not worried. Many users will still prefer working in Scrivener 2, and I'm sure that even though the new compiling interface will be awesome there will still be plenty of headaches for me to tackle in either the course I'm currently working on or a different course entirely dedicated to Scrivener 3!

Though they haven't officially launched Scrivener 3, I'm assuming it'll be ready either sometime next month or just in time for NaNoWriMo—continue reading for more info on this—in November. The best part is that Scrivener usually goes on sale for a massive discount around this time in order to generate interest in both the software and NaNoWriMo itself!

2. My New SingleDebut Album

Next up, I've recently released the first single entitled "Start the New Year Today" from my upcoming debut album entitled Revival in the Air. The first several months of mixing took quite a while to learn all the ins and outs, but now that I'm more familiar with the process I'll soon be releasing more singles with a much faster turnaround time.

Music Retailers

As things usually happen with my many goals and projects (as noted in my SMART FOCUS book series), this goal has been pushed back a bit due to the Scrivener course goal I referenced above. But not to fear, there's still plenty of music coming soon!

My plan is to finish the Scrivener course first, hopefully before the end of the month—at least for the video editing—then after that's no longer taking up all my attention, I'll be able to focus on finishing the mixing/mastering of my album and get it out there to the public.

For now, here's a behind-the-scenes look at the huge amount of work done on the album:

Initial edits on "Revival in the Air" single in Tracktion T6 (T6 now available FREE!)

Revival in the Air album single

Final edits on "Start the New Year Today" single in Tracktion Waveform

P.S. I'm also working on a separate page for promoting my music right here on my website, so stay tuned for that as well.

Last but not least...

3. Finishing SMART FOCUS Book 3

Since releasing the first two books in my new SMART FOCUS series, I felt it was time to take a much-needed break before embarking on the third and final book. The good news is that Book 3 is already mostly written and just needs some touching up.

Since NaNoWriMo is soon arriving, I figured it best to begin work on Book 3 during November, the official month of NaNoWriMo, so that I would be in more of a writing mood to help me push through to finally finishing the series.

If you're unfamiliar with NaNoWriMo (short for National Novel Writing Month), you should seriously check out my post on this amazing contest which helps millions around the world write their first, second, third, 25th books! It's super-fun and it will skyrocket your self-esteem when you realize that, yes, you can write that book you've been putting off for so many years!

Want Even More Updates?

Well, that's it for now. I like this idea of a now page. I think I could get used to writing updates in this way rather than wasting valuable content space on my blog. If you have any questions for me regarding the above updates, please contact me and I'll be sure to respond as soon as possible.

And please be sure to visit my official blog, where I write insightful content on Life, Learning, and Self-Discovery.

Thanks for taking the time to see what I'm doing "now."


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