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Top 5 Benefits for You:

Benefit Number 1

Scrivener allows you to write in scenes. One of the easiest ways to get a bird's eye view of your story is to write in scenes. However, most word-processing apps force you to write your books and stories as one continuous document. With Scrivener, it's much easier to navigate your writing and find what you need to make your story flow more naturally.

Benefit Number 2

Scrivener's intuitive tracking and statistics tools make it easy to track your writing progress, keeping you accountable to achieving your daily writing goals. Seeing your progress in real time helps you gain motivation to actually finish your novel (something that many people struggle with).

Another Amazing Benefit

Scrivener provides easy access to all your research, brainstorming, writing, links, etc. (even audio files for dictation and transcribing), all in one place: Scrivener itself! Can't remember where to find that link, image, or file? Just save all your writing information within Scrivener and never worry about finding your research again!

Benefit Number 4

Always worried about making revisions and not being able to get back the material you've overwritten? With Scrivener, you never have to worry about revisions because their amazing Snapshot tool lets you save previous versions of your work before you begin your revisions. Not happy with what you've written, you can always roll back the changes.

And a Final Juicy Benefit

Perhaps the most compelling reason to try Scrivener is because it allows you to compile your book in multiple formats. Scrivener's handy Compile feature gives you access to tons of customizable choices for exporting your book in the most popular formats such as .mobi (Kindle), .epub (iBooks), PDF, and various others. Why hire an expensive format designer when you can do it all yourself within Scrivener!

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Just Released!
My New Scrivener Course Is Here!

Scrivener Headaches

Already Have Scrivener?

If so, you know the headaches that come with creating both print books and ebooks in Scrivener (aka "Compiling"). I've been there before, and I can show you the ins and outs of what it takes to create a clean, beautiful, headache-free compile!

In my new course, you'll learn how to deal with the most annoying aspects of the compiling process such as:

  • Proper book preparation before diving into the compiling process
  • Compile visually stunning ebook and print books in Kindle mobi and PDF (same tips can be applied to epub and other formats)
  • Tackle even the most pounding headaches in Scrivener's Compile menu such as Contents, Formatting, and Page Settings
  • Learn and understand compiling concepts most other instructors overlook (Separators, Footnotes, Table of Contents, etc.)
  • Proof your books, assess irregularities, and make corrections before uploading to CreateSpace, Amazon KDP, etc.
  • And much more!