Here you can find some of my favorite resources for writers. There are plenty of additional resources within each individual resource to help remind you of the reason you became a writer in the first place.

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Writer Blogs

The Creative Penn | Joanna Penn

The Creative Penn | Joanna Penn, NY Times best-selling British author of the Arcane series. This site is loaded with information on how to write, publish, and run your writing business as an author entrepreneur.

It’s one of my main go-to sites when I need a dose of writing inspiration and advice from Joanna and the many other writers she’s continually interviewing for her YouTube channel and podcast (including those listed below, as a matter of fact).

Dean Wesley Smith

Dean Wesley Smith | One of the writer's I've most recently been following is USA Today bestselling author Dean Wesley Smith. In particular, his phenomenal book Writing into the Dark has inspired me to shut off my inner critic and enjoy the journey along the way.

In addition, Smith's blog is fantastic, and many times you can find articles that are basically word for word copies of his published books.

CJ Lyons
CJ Lyons website

CJ Lyons | Writing “Thrillers with Heart” is what CJ Lyons, former pediatric ER doctor turned author, is all about. She is one of the queens of self-publishing with over 20 books and NY Times best-selling status to boot. For writing advice, check out CJ’s separate site No Rules, Just Write.

Jeff Goins

Jeff Goins | Back in 2010, Jeff Goins started a blog about writing, and it skyrocketed to success with rave reviews by big names such as Michael Hyatt, Darren Rowse, Marry DeMuth, and…some dude on Twitter (you’ll just have to see the testimonials)? Since then, he's made a name for himself in helping others find their true calling in life, whether it's as a writer or something else entirely.

Randy Ingermanson
The Snowflake Method of Writing a Novel

Advanced Fiction Writing | Randy Ingermanson (aka “The Snowflake Guy”) is a physicist turned author who created a neat method of novel writing called The Snowflake Method which has taken the writing world by storm.

Write to Done

Write to Done | Funny thing: while I was looking up all these resources, I found a brand new one I’d never heard of courtesy of one of Jeff Goins’ posts. Definitely worth a look seeing as how the tagline for the site is “Unmissable articles on writing.”

Novel Writing Help

Novel Writing Help | Since getting serious about my writing journey in 2015, I've discovered many more resources. Perhaps one of the most invaluable is this website by novelist and instructor Harvey Chapman. It's chock-full with loads of advice on the writing process, publishing, and many more helpful facets of what it takes to be a writer.

Where the Map Ends

Where the Map Ends | Christian speculative fiction author and publisher Jeff Gerke created an entire opus of writing articles rich with advice on everything from the writing process, publishing, editing, revising, and more. Much of it is contained in his book on writing The Art & Craft of Writing Christian Fiction, but you can glean from his sage wisdom right here on his blog of nearly 100 fiction writing tips!

Writing Software & Tools

Scrivener | The ULTIMATE Writing Software

Scrivener (Mac) (affiliate) | Quite possibly the absolute best writing software out there. It’s a complete writing studio in one program! When I began using Scrivener in November of 2014 to resurrect a five year old novel I’d abandoned, I was hooked! I’m confident that once you try it you’ll be hooked, too!

Windows version also available by clicking here. ​

Already have Scrivener but need some help learning all of its many amazing features? Then check out this awesome resource:

Learn Scrivener Fast

Learn Scrivener Fast (affiliate) | Learn how you can get Scrivener to do exactly what you want and accelerate your writing career in less than 1 week!

See how Joseph Michael took the best writing software available and made it even better by coaching you how to squeeze the best out of Scrivener that it has to offer.

Scrivener: Everything You Need to Know from Idea to Launch by Karen Prince

Scrivener: Everything You Need to Know from Idea to Launch | Karen Prince, another great authority on Scrivener, hosts a multi-lecture, five hour course on how to use Scrivener; complete with lifetime subscription and user-interaction via discussions.

Scrivener: Everything You Need to Know from Idea to Launch by Karen Prince

eBook and Paperback Cover Design Using Canva and GIMP | Karen Prince shines again with her wonderful teaching skills as she shows you how to make brilliant ebook and paperback covers using the free software tools Canva and GIMP. I've already made several covers using the tips she shares in her course, and they stand head and shoulders over the covers I made before taking it.

The Ecosystem Journal

Ecosystem Journals (affiliate) | I’ve tried many different notebooks for writing, mostly spiral-bound. But I wanted to try something better for my latest journal. So after much research, I decided to go with Ecosystem Journals and I’ve been thrilled with my decision ever since.

​Check out this great article on why many people think Ecosystem Journals are better than Moleskine.

The Wheel of Process by Stuart Horwitz

The Wheel of Process | I recently found this online tool by the author of the amazing books Blueprint Your Bestseller and Book Architecture, Stuart Horwitz, and immediately found it useful. I ended up sharing it on all my social media sites right away so that everyone could benefit from this amazing, free resource!

Writing Prompts & Motivation

NaNoWriMo Winner 2015 banner

NaNoWriMo | Better known as National Novel Writing Month, NaNoWriMo is a community of veteran and aspiring authors dedicated to cranking out their novels in 30 days or less. I myself have participated in and won twice, as of this writing.

13 Blog Post Ideas for Novelists | Here are some great ideas from Michael Hyatt to get you started blogging if you’re thinking: “Yes, a blog maybe great for non-fiction authors, but what about novelists? What can we write about?”

How Writing A Scene List Can Change Your Novel-Writing Life | Remember Randy Ingermanson above? Here’s a great tip from him that someone else found useful.

If you’re having trouble getting your novel started—or finished for that matter—read this article to see how to gain momentum with what Randy calls a “Scene List.”

While you’re at it, you may even notice that the website hosting the article could be another great resource for your writing.

Free Writing Wallpapers

Free Writing Wallpaper | Hundreds of free writing wallpapers. Need I say more?

Writing Books

For some great books on writing I highly recommend—which are too many to list here—check out the page I created dedicated to Writing Books.

Books and Stories by the Author

Proof by Eric Beaty Short Story Cover
Blind Date by Eric Beaty Short Story cover

If you're interested in some of my own writing, feel free to check out the Books section of my blog to read the stories I've written and continue to write as I hone my craft.

I hope you enjoy discovering new aspects of the writing life as you browse through the many resources listed here. I'll continue to add more resources as I discover them, so please bookmark this page and come back frequently to see the newest additions to this page.

Best of luck in your writing and discovering your voice as a writer.


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